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About me

Education and career:







Began studying law at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel with the main emphasis on civil and industrial law.

Successful conclusion in the studies of the First Legal State Examination.

Beginning of the Legal Internship in the County district of Flensburg. Elective course: Administration right; Main emphasis: Public service and Civil service law.

Successful Conclusion of the Legal Internship for the Second Legal State Examination. Admittance to the bar. Degree in Law.
Law firm Gassner, Stockmann & Colleagues in Kiel; Main emphasis: Train rights, public service law, line intersection right.

Advisory with the law firm Wegner, Stähr & Partner in Kiel; Main emphasis: private and public planning laws and building laws and regulations.

Law firm Dr. Rocke and Partner in Neumünster; Main emphasis: Planning and building laws and regulations, rental law and industrial law.

Founder of the law firm in Boostedt as an independent lawyer.

Planning and building laws and regulations
Industrial law
Contract rights
Rental law
New business start up
Debtor management
Internet rights