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Contract rights

Contracts form a part of daily life. Most are very liberal and not legally binding, others no more than a handshake or a gentlemen’s agreement. These can unfortunately lead to conflicts and disagreements later.

It is important to have clear cut regulations in writing so that both parties profit from the subject matters stipulated in the contract, and to get vague and contentious issues out of the way. (The contents within the policy can be redefined in advanced).

This applies in particular to General Terms and Conditions. They are especially demanding or sophisticated and if worded incorrectly, can be a disadvantage for the user.

I offer comprehensive advice on:
• Contracts of employment
• Agency contracts
• Service contracts
• Rental contracts
• Sales contracts
• Contract of manufacture
• General Terms and Conditions

I can assist you professionally with the form of contract and prepare your draft contracts and specimen contracts for you which are legally binding and can be used repeatedly.

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