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Schleswig-Holsteinische Rechtsanwaltskammer
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State of admittance: Federal Republic of Germany
Profession legal regulations: Federal lawyer order (BRAO), professional order for lawyers (8 OSSA),
Standard charter of lawyers in the European community (CCBE-Berufsregeln),
Lawyer compensation law (RVG) [formerly federal rights San prevailing scale of charges (BRAGO)]
You will find the text of these regulations on the home page of the federal professional association of lawyers: www.brak.de.

Originator and identification rights:
The copyright of all texts, published by the Kanzlei Boostedt graphics and pictures remains the sole right of the advocate Melanie Schmidt-Brodersen.

Furthermore all texts, pictures, graphics as well as the layout of these pages are legally protected. Any violation of the competition or copyright is followed up by civil or criminal prosecution . The rights of third parties cannot be assumed.

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The operator always attempts to provide current, complete and correct information on this home page. Any liability with regard to the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information is not assumed.

In principle, liability claims which refer to damages of material or ideational kind which are caused by the use or non-use of the presented information or by the use of false or incomplete information are excluded.

The use of the web site is carried out at the users own risk, thus any damages resulting from this, in particular to the data medium , hardware or software are also excluded.

Manipulations and inadvertent falsifications by third parties cannot be excluded. For damages which are caused by third parties by the improper change or use of the data, no guarantees are assumed.

Data protection
Statistical data about access to the site are collected and saved without any knowledge of who has used or accessed it (number of hits per day and week, page ranking, ranking of selected links to external sites). This happens in agreement with the valid Data Protection Acts. We don’t know who has been on our site, for how long or how the person has behaved with the context thereof.

The individual person-related data which are processed in the context of the online on right consultancy service only serve for the carrying out of consultancy agreements. In compliance with § 28 BDSG, the TDDG and the lawyering professional regulations.

All persons who are mentioned on this web site strongly object to any use of their addresses for commercial purposes.(§ 28 of The German Federal Law on The Protection of Privacy).

Communication by e-mail
Communication via e-mail can show security gaps. For example: e-mails on their way to employees of our law firm can be intercepted and looked through by experienced Internet users. If we should receive an e-mail from you, then we assume that we are entitled to a reply by e-mail. Otherwise you must explicitly refer to another means of communication.

Reprimands and links
With regard to all direct or indirect links to other internet pages which are outside the jurisdiction of the law firm Kanzlei Boostedt, the authors liability has effect only when the Kanzlei Boostedt had prior knowledge and that it was technically or reasonably possible to prevent the usage in case of illegal contents.

The links are investigated and arranged with the greatest possible care. The Kanzlei Boostedt particularly hereby explains that at the time of the link set up no illegal pages were detected. The Kanzlei Boostedt does not have any influence on the current or future design, the contents or the sole originator of the interlinked/connected sites. For this reason it particularly dissociates itself from all contents of all interlinked/connected pages which have been, or were changed after the link set up. Damages that result from the usage or non usage of such contents are the sole responsibility of the provider of the site that was referred to, and not the law firm Kanzlei Boostedt, neither does it mean that the Kanzlei Boostedt agrees with the contents offered by that site.

If a link should not work or an interlinked site contains unusual content, then please contact info@kanzlei-boostedt.de.

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