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Debtor management / debt collection

One suspects it is maybe aware of it and tries to repress it but monies owing or outstanding is a part of day to day buisness.

Enterprises, workshops and also private persons such as the lessor/lessee, are often not familiar with the necessity of good debtor management from outset. Of course: to you as a supplie or provider of services it is clear that after writing and sending an invoice you have to wait a certain amount of time for your money. Often you trust that the money will be paid sooner or later or can be otherwise solved with a phone call. This can be a misjudgement or even a big mistake which can lead to financial difficulties with your buissness. Market analyses which were made by well known collection enterprises nationwide on this sector prove the necessity of stringet debt management and underline even more how important they are.

Completions of contracts are quickly taken care of: Goods for money or services for money. So much the worse is when the services billed for are not settled or not paid on time.

The following aspects have therefore decisive importance:
• Judge the solvency of your buisness partner
• Check forms or ways of debt recovery
• Avoid risky contracts e.g. conclusion of a contract
• Keep an eye on monies outstanding

I can advise you an take on your case of clients in arrears, extrajudicial or in court.

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