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Internet rights

The Internet has become a part of our daily lives, so has internet banking and purchasing, as well as other services like recruitment. Despite frequent and various uses of the internet, it still appears as a large room or play area with no set laws or boundaries. The user is uncertain and can encounter many problems. These uncertainties can be avoided with competent advice.

Both for the private user but more importantly for the commercial user legal guidelines have to be followed in advance to avoid problems later. This applies particularly to internet shops, e-commerce solutions, B – C (business to consumer), B – B (business to business) and B – A (business to administration), in the commercial area.

In our opinion having a legally flawless internet presence goes hand in hand with the smooth and successful running of a business concept.

Particular mention is given to:
• Domain names/brand on right enquiry
• Supplier identification/imprint
• E-commerce and shop support, commercial eBayuse
• General Terms and Conditions
• Competition rights/cautions
• Copyrights/ contracts, software rights
• Dialer

Within the internet business , I can help you with the enforcement of your private claims and in cases of misuse.

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Internet rights