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Rental law. Rights for tenants.

The property is for the tenant a focal point of his/her life.

For the landlord/lady letting is an important aspect or economic basis of his/her livelihood.

If the interests of the landlord and tenant are not the same, this can lead to various types of conflict.

Here are a few examples:

• The state of the apartment as stipulated in the contract,
• Non or irregular payments of the tenants,
• Service and utility charges,
• Conflicts between tenants and/or families or family members
• The misuse use of the property. Not stipulated in the contract.
• Rental reductions carried out arbitrarily

Another common issue is when the tenancy ends.

The landlord often finds himself in the situation where the dwelling is left in a bad state. The tenant isn’t or wasn’t willing to conform with the requirements. These are situations where legal advice is needed.

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