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New business start up

You have a good business idea which you want to put into effect?
You are convinced that the step into self-employment is the right move?
Experience shows that goals and expectations are high but so are the hurdles.

I offer you the opportunity of concentrating on the essentials, your idea of the business. You have made the concept and conceived your idea. I advise you on the most important aspects of your new business start up:
• Foundation type, suitable legal form,
• Sound business and investment plan,
• Financing, promotional program,
• Insurance and other formalities

Prior to my advice the following recommendations apply to the combination of your business ideas:

Render your ideas more precisely:

What are you planning? What is unique about your idea? What kind of customers are you looking for, and which markets do you want to attract? What makes your ideas different from the ideas of your fellow competitors? What competitive situations will you get into? How shall your product be presented? How will it perform? Before you think of starting up a new business, you should at least be able to answer all of these questions:

  • Outline your business ideas on two pieces of paper. Writing and brevity can help you to be self-critical and judge your ideas. It is an important component of your business plan.
  • Develop these ideas into a convincing presentation (also with the help of a computer presentation program). A lot of thought and care has to be put into this step because you may have to persuade many interlocutors with your ideas in the near future.
  • Consider this: the pages of your business plan are between eight to ten minutes talking time. This is approximately the amount of time needed when you make a presentation or have to negotiate.

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New business start up
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